Faculty Onboarding


There are resources within the Gies College of Business as well as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign broadly that can support faculty efforts in the area of eLearning. If you are new, returning to campus after a leave, or simply wish a refresher, the following are key steps in getting your eLearning efforts off to a great start.

Step 1: Request a course site to aid your student learners and manage your teaching efforts

Creating a course site through Illinois Compass (powered by Blackboard Learn) can provide resources for your student learners as well as assist you in collecting/grading assignments. (Learn more…)

Step 2: Schedule a consultation appointment with the eLearning Office at the Gies College of Business

The staff of the eLearning Office is available to discuss your specific needs related to eLearning pedagogy and technologies. Explore how to enhance your classroom experience with an online course site this semester… and, in time, consider the leveraging eLearning pedagogies such as Flipped, Blended, Online, and MOOC.

Step 3: RSVP for and attend eLearning seminars offered by the eLearning Office as well as other groups on campus (such as CITL)

Both the Gies College of Business and the University as a whole offer a variety of seminars, presentations, workshops, and even local (single and multi-day) conferences related to eLearning as well as teaching/learning at large. Learning from both faculty and eLearning professionals can provide you with valuable ideas, examples, tools, and strategies.

Step 4: Consider enrolling in one or more online courses related to teaching online via the Illinois Online Network and/or seek to obtain an eLearning certificate

The Illinois Online Network (ION) offers 4-week and 8-week online courses on a variety of eLearning-related topic including “Overview of Online Instruction,” “Group Work Online,” “Blended Learning Design & Instruction,” and “Global eLearning.”

Further, CITL offers a “Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching.”

Step 5: Consider attending (and even presenting at) local conferences such as the Faculty Retreat and the Faculty Summer Institute

Each year and campus hosts the “Faculty Retreat” in which faculty present regarding their eLearning efforts. Attendees are eligible for development grants for a future eLearning project… with the expectation that he/she will present at the Retreat in the following year.

The “Faculty Summer Institute” is a multi-day conference held at the local iHotel conference center. Faculty, eLearning professionals, and vendors present and demonstrate a wide range of eLearning tools and related pedagogies. The event attracts attendees at theĀ  local, state, national, and international levels.