Hybrid Teaching: Using the Classroom Tech @ Gies

The Gies classrooms are ready to go for the hybrid fall courses! IT Partners, Facility Management and eLearning have been working diligently in the modifications to the classroom environment to support teaching students in the classroom and those remote.

In the video you will find specific details and descriptions of the classroom technology and how to engage all students regardless of where they are located – on or off-campus.

(PDF) Gies Hybrid Classroom Documentation

Attached is a narrative version of the video contents with step by step instructions. There is a table of contents so you can quickly jump to topics you may need to reference. Additionally, our colleagues from IT Partners have shortcut instructions in each classroom at each podium position.

For technical support on the hardware and software in the classroom contact IT Partners:

For creating teaching plans, Compass2g course design, recording audio and video for the asynchronous parts of your class contact eLearning: