Request a course site


Building a course site through Illinois Compass (powered by Blackboard Learn) can provide the following benefits for you and your student learners:

  • offer basic course materials such as the Syllabus, schedule, readings, lecture notes, and media content
  • allow students to access assignment instructions and upload those files to you digitally
  • connect to your publisher-supplied resources/assessments
  • provide you the means of suppling grades and feedback to learners online
  • expand the communication channels available to you and your students

Did you know?

  • Not even counting our Flipped, Blended, and Online offerings, the eLearning Office collaborates with about 30+ faculty each Fall and Spring semester to establish their course site.
  • Course sites can be created as copies of a previous instructor’s course site (with permission), a blank site, or — our most popular option — as a copy of our professionally-created specific course site template.
  • Your Illinois Compass course site can integrate with online resources and assessments from publishers such as Cengage, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson.

How to Get Started

Requesting a course site is easy and only takes a few moments. By completing the form below, staff from the eLearning Office can fulfill your request to your specifications as well as offer you a consulting appointment to further customize the site and meet your individualized needs.