University of Illinois WordPress theme updated to version 2.0

Publish.Illinois.Edu has been updated to version 2.0 of the University of Illinois WordPress theme. All sites on Publish that had been using the 1.1.4 version of the theme are now using version 2.0.

Version 2.0 of the Illinois Web Theme for WordPress brings a host of modified styling to your site. Thanks to the Web Components Toolkit version 2.0, it incorporates a lot of improvements to page layout and readability. In addition to upgrading the look and feel of your content, the 2.0 release of the WordPress Theme presents several new highlights, including:  

  • Header: Design and Featured Links
    The header section spans the full browser width with the gray navigation bar. You can now add links to the upper right-hand portion of the header (above the search tool). These links will also show up in the menu (after your site navigation, if you have any) on mobile/narrow viewport width devices. This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Header Links. 
  • Footer: Social Media (and related) icon links
    You can now add links to your social media (and related) platform profiles. Just add the URL for your profile page on that platform, and the web components will handle automatically linking the service and corresponding  This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Social Media and Similar Services. 
  • Footer: Footer Sections, Navigation Elements
    You can now add Navigation Elements (a stylized list of links with a heading) as well as freeform content (now labeled Freeform Sections) to Footer Sections. This feature can be accessed from your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Settings > Footer Sections. Each Footer section now offersthe choice between Freeform Sections or Navigation Elements. 

You can get the latest version of the theme at Learn more about this release at To learn more about WIGG, its mission and other projects, visit We would love for you to join the WIGG team. We are looking for developers, of all skill levels, and technical writers. Join the WordPress group today!

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