Quotas increased from 10MB to 500MB

After some negotiating and finagling, we have been able to increase the available file upload space for each site from 10MB to 500MB. This amount is still not a lot compared to the 50GB all students, faculty, and staff get via the University’s agreement with Box.com, but it does make things a little easier for site administrators.

WordPress updated to 3.8.1

The core of WordPress was updated tonight to version 3.8.1. The first change you’ll notice is that the admin dashboard looks different thematically. All the buttons and links are mostly in the same places, but the theme is different.

Some of the key changes arriving with this update:

  • Dashboard support for mobile
  • Dashboard color scheme options
  • Embed tweets by putting a link on a line by itself

Let us know if you experience any problems at pie-support@illinois.edu.