SP18 Special Topics Courses

SP18 Special Topics Courses
The following special topics courses are offered in Spring 2018 and may be of interest to some Psychology majors. Please review the course descriptions and pay attention to any prerequisites and/or restrictions listed in the Class Schedule.
Special Topics Courses in Psychology
PSYC 396 Intermediate Current Topics in Psychology
Intelligence and the Brain AB (Aron Barbey)
Internship Experience IN2 (Bob Wickesberg)
0 credit hours.
Human Sexuality SL2 (Sean Laurent)
The Attentive Mind SLB (Simona Buetti)
PSYC 496 Advanced Current Topics in Psychology
Practical Issues in Emotion Research FD (Florin Dolcos)
Intro to Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue ID3 (Ross Wantland)
Open to students admitted to SJEPP 2018-2019 cohort.
Intro to Counseling Center Paraprofessional Program CCP (Jeff Graham)
Open to students admitted to CCP 2018-2019 cohort.
Schizotypy and Schizophrenia TK (Tom Kwapil)
Practical Issues in Cognitive Control Research and Network Neuroscience (Sepideh Sadaghiani)
Special Topics Courses in Other Departments
Asian American Studies

AAS 299 DC Narratives of Migration
AAS 390 S Black Freedom Movement Rhetorics
African American Studies
AFRO 298 CJ #BlackGirlMagic in Contemporary Culture: Black Women’s Literature & Film, 1970 – Present
AFRO 298 RW Civil Rights Pilgrimage
Requires approval from Dept. of African American Studies.
AFRO 298 SS Health, Wellness & the Black Experience
AFRO 498 UGR Ties that Bind Africa & Brazil
AFRO 498 KS Anthropology of Gullah/Geechee
Applied Health Science
AHS 199 SAI The Italian Health Care Systems
AHS 494 AD2 Accessibile Electronic Material
AHS 494 AD3 Designing University Accessible Web Resources
American Indian Studies
AIS 199 A The Human Experience: Language, Identity, Memory & Diaspora
Animal Sciences
ANSC 199 KHK Foal Watch
ANSC 199 QQ Quadrathlon
ANTH 399 BM Biological Ethics in the Genomic Era
ANTH 399 EM Anthropology of Crime
ANTH 399 PJ Evolution & Childhood
ANTH 499 JD1 Anthropology of Gender & Sexuality
ANTH 499 JM3 Environmental Archaeology
ANTH 499 KS Anthropology of Gullah/Geechee
ARCH 199 DAY Daylighting: Architecture & Health
ARCH 199 DDF Architecture & Digital Fabrication
ART 199 BT2 Design in Glass
ART 499 AV1/AV2 Introduction to Audiovisual Production
ARTD 299 JH3 Japanese Aesthetics
Community Health
CHLH 199 AC1/AC2 ACE IT Facilitation
CHLH 199 B Campus Acquaintance Rape Education (CARE)
CHLH 199 IR1 Disability in Popular Culture
CHLH 494 YKU Grant Writing
Campus Honors Program
CHP 199 1/2 Uncommon Reads
CHP 199 3 Intersections of People & Environment
CHP 395 A You Can’t Say That…Or Can You?
CHP 395 B Religion, Ethics & the Environment
All sections restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/Campus Honors Program students. A full list of CHP courses is available at https://honors.illinois.edu/courses/.
Curriculum & Instruction
CI 199 SRD James Scholar Research Seminar
Restricted to James Scholars.
Classical Civilization
CLCV 490 U3 Socrates
CMN 396  A Race, Class, Gender & Work
CMN 396  B Leadership Communication Theory and Practice
CMN 396  C1/C2 Organizational Communication and Diversity
CMN 396  D Rhetoric of War
CMN 396 E Performing Rhetoric
CMN 396 G Social Movement Communication
CMN 496 JYU Introduction to Communication Analytics
Computer Science
Please refer to the CS Wiki for information on registration and restrictions.
CS 199 ACC Applied Cloud Computing
Instructor approval required.
CS 199 CH
Must have taken and dropped CS 225 in first half of semester and must not have been enrolled in CS 199 CH previously.
CS 199 DYB De-Bug Your Brain
Concurrent enrollment in CS 125 required.
CS 498 AL1 + AB1/AB2 Digital Forensics(pending)
CS 498 AML Applied Machine Learning
CS 498 DL1 Theory II
CS 498 PS3 Programming Studio
CS 498 SL3 Virtual Reality (pending)
Creative Writing
CW 202 Q World-Building
CW 463 1U It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Writing Humor
Comparative World Literature
CWL 199 SK The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Through Cinema
CWL 399 JB Global Comics & Graphic Novels
CWL 417 1U Topics in Medieval British Literature 1U Intersectionality in the Medieval British Isles
CWL 481 U3 Topics in Arabic Literature & Culture (topic TBA)
CWL 490 U3 Socrates
DANC 199 A Repertoire
DANC 199 RNF Dance Conditioning
East Asian Languages and Cultures
EALC 199 GPP Recycling the Classics: Adaptation and Re-Use in Japanese Cultural History, 1000- Present
EALC 398 CIC Controversies in Contemporary Korea
EALC 398 RW History and Memory of the Asia-Pacific War Between 1931 and 1945
EALC 495 D3 Topics in Asian Religions (topic TBA)
ECON 199 B2 Introduction to Game Theory
ECON 199 I3 Internship Course
ECON 490 A5 International Finance
ECON 490 A Econometrics of Policy Evaluation
ECON 490 AB1 Nonlinear Econometric Models
ECON 490 B1 Middle-Eastern Economics
ECON 490 B5 Economic Forecasting
ECON 490 D1 Employee Compensation and Incentives (pending)
ECON 490 D3 Elective (topic TBA, pending)
ECON 490 E1 American Economic History
ECON 490 F1 Economics of Coordination
ECON 490 G1 Economics of Terror, War & Conflict
ECON 490 Z0, Z2, Z5, Z7, Z8, ZZ1, ZZ2, ZZ3 Elective (topics TBA, pending)
ECON 490 Z1 Elective (topic TBA)
ENG 298 SEP STEM Education Practicum (service-learning course)
ENG 498 GS Leading Sustainable Change
ENGL 199 CIP: Career & Internship Fair Prep
ENGL 199 FS/JS Career Planning for Humanities Majors
ENGL 199 INT Internship Seminar
ENGL 261 CJ #BlackGirlMagic in Contemporary Culture: Black Women’s Literature & Film, 1970 – Present
ENGL 261 F Literature & Sex
ENGL 274 G Memory & Nationalism in Contemporary Britain in The Goblet of Fire
ENGL 300 M Writing about Literary Texts & Culture
ENGL 300 P The Afterlives of Slavery and Black Culture
ENGL 300 T Green Victorians: Gerard Manley Hopkins & Thomas Hardy
ENGL 310 F Unprotected Speech: What We Can and Cannot Say or Write, and Why
ENGL 373 G Haunted Cinema
ENGL 374 X The Great White North: The Films of Canada
ENGL 380 P Topics in Writing Studies (topic TBA)
ENGL 380 S Hip-Hop Rhetorics
ENGL 412 1U Intersectionality in the Medieval British Isles
ENGL 455 1U Frederick Douglass and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
ENGL 455 2U Jean Rhys & Jamaica Kincaid
ENGL 455 3U Hitchcock
ENGL 462 1U Reading 19th Century Popular Fiction: From Southworth to Wharton
ENGL 482 1U Communicating in the Digital Age
Educational Psychology
EPSY 203 Social Issues Group Dialogues (topics TBA)
European Union Studies
EURO 199 A Pirates, Merchants and Cross-Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean Sea
EURO 490 CEU Council of the European Union
Fine & Applied Arts
FAA 199 JE Choreographing Leadership
Food Science & Human Nutrition
FSHN 199 OBE Science of Obesity
FSHN 199 TFS Taste of Food Science
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/CHP.
FSHN 199 TMB Hot Topics in Sports Nutrition
FSHN 398 F&E HM Finance & Entrepreneurship
FSHN 499 HHP Hispanic Health Promotion
Grand Challenge Learning
125, 144, 145, 146, 147, and 195 (various topics) are open to new freshmen and new transfer students. Each meets at least one general education requirement.
GER 199 B Harry Potter & Western Culture
GER 496 A3 Vom Garten Eden zum Anthropozän: Natur, Wildnis und Ökologie in der deutschen Literatur
GER 496 A4 Special Topics in German Literature (topic TBA)
Gender and Women’s Studies
GWS 295 DC Narratives of Migration
GWS 395 DG Queer Latinidades
GWS 395 S Hip Hop Rhetorics
GWS 495 MKU Theories & Theologies of Liberation
HIST 200 B Introduction to Historical Interpretation (topic TBA)
HIST 200 C Introduction to Historical Interpretation (topic TBA)
HIST 203 A Reacting to the Past : Gender & Equality?
HIST 300 A  Film and the African American Experience
HIST 396  A Islam in Africa
HIST 473 U3 The American Political Divide
HNDI 199 A Introduction to Urdu Script & Conversation
INFO 490 ML1 Makerspace B: Open Studio
INFO 490 RB2 Advanced Data Science
Integrative Biology
IB 299 C What Can I Do with a BS in IB?
IB 496 AW3 Bio-Inspired Design
Information Sciences
IS 390 CC Computers & Cultures
IS 490 DB Introduction to Databases
IS 490 GHU Global Health Informatics
IS 490 IEG Information Ethics
IS 490 ITG Entrepreneurial IT Design
IS 490 SMU Social Media & Global Change
IS 490 TEO Introduction to Technology in LIS
ITAL 390 CHP Work Ethics & Its Discontents
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/CHP.
JOUR 199 CHP You Can’t Say That…or Can You?
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/CHP.
JOUR 199 TVP Introduction to TV Production
Jewish Studies
JS 199 IJS Introduction to Jewish Studies
JS 199 SK Conflict Through Cinema
KIN 199 IR1 Disability in Popular Culture
KIN 494 JU1 Rehabilitation Biomechanics
KIN 494 NK2 Health Behavior
Liberal Arts & Sciences
LAS 199 DC Exploring Careers in Government
LAS 199 PDS Professional Development Seminar
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
LAST 395 MV2 Andean Languages
LAW 199 JP Exploration of the Judicial System
LING 199 RB Migration: People, Places, Politics
Restricted to Chancellor’s Scholars/CHP.
Latina/o Studies
LLS 296 DC Narratives of Migration
LLS 396 AD Latina/o Resilience: Mental Health Awareness
LLS 396 DG Queer Latinidades
Media and Cinema Studies
MACS 199 007 James Bond & Social Change
MACS 295 DB A World of Death & Blood: The Horror Film and Society
MACS 300 A Film and the African American Experience
MACS 496 CIM Collaboration in Interactive & Immersive Media
MACS 496 DIS Disney Across Media & Cinema
MACS 496 PRC Reel Midwest
Molecular & Cellular Biology
MCB 493 ECB Experimental Cell Biology
MCB 493 EP1 Epigenetics
MCB 493 FIP Frontiers in Physiology
MCB 493 VIR Viral Pathogenesis & Evolution
MDIA 290 HMV Hear My Voice
MDIA 290 I Investigative Journalism in Film
Medieval Studies
MDVL 410 Topics in Medieval British Literature 1U: Intersectionality in the Medieval British Isles
MUS 199 AFR African American Music
PHIL 199 A Feminism
PHYS 298 OWL You Will Do Remarkable Things
PHYS 498 ART Where Art Meets Physics
PHYS 498 BP Biophysics
Political Science
PS 300 A1 Government and Politics of East Asia
PS 300 CL Comparative Communist Regimes
PS 300 JV1 World War I and International Relations Theory
PS 300 WC1 The Law & Individual Rights
PS 300 XD1 International Human Rights Politics
Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
REES 296 A The Human Experience: Language, Identity, Memory & Diaspora
Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 199 IR1 Disability in Popular Culture
Recreation, Sports & Tourism
RST 199 BSE Business of Sport Entertainment
RST 199 FT Field Trip
RST 199 MHF Coaching Wheelchair Basketball
RST 199 ONA/ONB Disability in RST
RST 199 SLS Communication in RST
RST 199 SS Sport & Sustainability
RST 199 WSD Sport Systems in the US and Europe
RUSS 199 ACC Accelerated First-Year Russian
Concurrent enrollment in RUSS 101 ACC required.
South Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
SAME 199 SK Conflict Through Cinema
SAME 454 L3 Topics in Israeli Literature & Culture (topic TBA)
SCAN 494 U Language & Migration in German & Scandinavian Contexts
SOC 199 ADV Exploring Careers with a BA in Sociology
SOC 396 GM Sexuality & Society
Social Work
SOCW 380 A Social Work & Disability Studies
SOCW 380 B Gender, Race & Employment Inequity in Brazil