The Psychology of Politics (FA18 Course)

The Psychology of Politics
PSYC 396 (Section CS)
Dr. Chadly Stern

Does a candidate‚Äôs gender influence whether people vote for them? Do liberals and conservatives have different motivations and goals? How do personality characteristics shape people’s attitudes toward hotly debated social issues, such as immigration and gun control? These questions all concern the psychology of politics in everyday life. Determining the psychological factors that drive politics has long stood as a central question in understanding human behavior, and remains so today. The Psychology of Politics will provide students with the foundation needed to successfully analyze the political world from a scientific perspective. This lecture-based course will be co-taught by a psychologist (Dr. Chadly Stern) and political scientist (Dr. Aleks Ksiazkiewicz), allowing students to gain skills in analyzing political issues from multiple perspectives.