Second 8-Week Course – EPSY 203

Looking for a second 8-week course?

Educational Psychology 203: Social Issues Group Dialogues
1 credit hour

Provides students with opportunities to converse on specific diversity and social justice topic areas offered as separate sections under the course heading. Each section uses a structured dialogue format to explore intergroup and intragroup differences and similarities within historical and contemporary contexts. Specific focus will be on participants sharing their experiences and perspectives related to the specific dialogue topic. The dialogue format uses active learning exercises in addition to weekly readings, journal assignments, and topic based dialogues.

May be repeated in the same term to a maximum of 2 hours. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 6 hours.

Open sections include:
CRN 50841, Monday 3-4:50, Being White in a Multicultural Society A

CRN 58702, Tuesday 5-6:50, Being White in a Multicultural Society B

CRN 58703, Monday 5-6:50, Exploring Disability

CRN 50833, Tuesday 3-4:50, Exploring Gender: Cisgender & Transgender

CRN 50837, Tuesday 3-4:50, Exploring Social Class

CRN 51958, Wednesday 3-4:50, US/International: A Global Dialogue

Note: EPSY courses do not count as PSYC hours unless the course is cross-listed. EPSY 203 is not a cross-listed course.