DROP DEADLINE – Friday, March 10

Just a reminder that FRIDAY, MARCH 10 is the last day to

(a) drop a full-semester (POT 1) course,

(b) elect CR/NC or change CR/NC in a full-semester (POT 1) course to a letter-grade,


(c) opt to use Campus Grade Replacement for a full-semester (POT 1) course.

You can drop courses in Enterprise until 11:59 PM on that day. After that, you will not be able to drop a full-semester course without a “W.” To seek a late-drop (drop with a “W”), you will need to meet with a dean or advisor in the Student Academic Affairs Office, 2002 Lincoln Hall and complete a petition to late-drop the course.

Both CR/NC and Grade Replacement forms need to be filled out in hard copy and turned in at 2002 Lincoln Hall by 4:40 PM on Friday, March 10.

Please see me if you are planning to drop or use CR/NC or grade replacement in a course. I will have drop-ins that Friday afternoon for any last-minute deciders!

CR/NC form

Grade Replacement form