ECE 517

Teaching Staff

  • M.-A. Belabbas, Office: CSL 166, email:
    Assistant: Linda Meccoli CSL 153.
    Office hours: Thursday 11-12.

Meeting times

The class meets Monday and Wednesday 4pm to 5:20pm in ECEB 2013. Due to the Decision and Control  seminars taking place from 3-4 in CSL B02 (attendance is highly recommended), we will usually start on Wednesday at 4.05.

Course contents

We will cover the following topics in class

  1. Weak Lyapunov functions and stability
  2. Minimum phase systems and universal regulators
  3. Lyapunov-based design
  4. Backstepping
  5. Parameter estimation
  6. Stability of time-varying systems
  7. Switching adaptive control

Depending on the interests of the class, and how quickly these topics are covered, additional topics may be added.



There will be roughly 4 homeworks assigned. Unless otherwise specified, the homeworks are due a week from the date they are assigned.


There is no exam for this class.

Final project

There is a final project for this class, which consists of either reading, summarizing and presenting a research paper (a list will be provided) or presenting original work of your own.


The grading scheme is 50% Homeworks — 50% final project.


We will use Matlab at various points in this class, but the use will never be too involved. It is assumed that you are at least mildly proficient with the program.


There are no mandatory textbooks. We will mostly use these notes, and additional notes will be distributed when needed.


The official prerequisites for this course are ECE 515 (Control system theory and design).




Book : P. A. Ioannou, J. Sun, Robust Adaptive Control, Prentice-Hall, 1996. Note: The book is out of print but is downloadable from the author’s website (PDF file, 4MB).



Read and summarize a paper in the list below, or if you want to work on a different paper, discuss with me first.

You should provide an original 5-10 pages report on the paper (summary, original examples, etc).

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4

Paper 5

Paper 6

Paper 7

Paper 8