ECE 515

Teaching Staff

Meeting times

The class meets Tuesday and Thursday 2 pm to 3:20 pm in ECEB3017.

Instructor’s Office Hours: Wednesday 12-1pm or by appointment.

TA’s Office Hours,: Monday 1-3pm, 3034 ECEB.


There will be almost weekly homeworks assigned. Unless otherwise specified, the homeworks are due a week from the date they are assigned.


Note on Kalman decomposition.

Note of feedback pole placement.


There will be a final exam and  two in-class quizzes, both of which counting towards the final grade. The first quizz will take place on Thursday, October 22nd and the second on Thursday December 3rd. The date of the final exam will be determined at a later date.

The Final grade will be the weighted average of the homework grades (30%), quizzes (30%) and final exam (40%).


We will use Matlab at various points in this class, but the use will never be too involved. It is assumed that you are at least mildly proficient with the program.


  • Course notes: T. Basar, S. P. Meyn, W. R. Perkins, ECE 515 (Available for purchase in ECE office).
  • Recommended textbook:  R.W. Brockett, Finite Dimensional Linear Systems, SIAM Classics in Applied Mathematics
  • Recommended textbook: J. P. Hespanha, Linear Systems Theory, Princeton UP


The official prerequisite for this course is ECE 486 (Control system theory and design) or equivalent (an introductory course on Linear Systems and Control)