BelabbasMohamed-Ali (M.-A.) Belabbas

PhD, Applied Mathematics, Harvard University

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Contact: CSL 166
1308 W Main St
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217 300 1742
belabbas [at] illinois [dot] edu

Office hours: by appointment.


ECE 486: Linear Systems (Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015)

ECE 555: Stochastic Control (Spring 2013, Spring 2015)

ECE 598MAB: Geometric Control (Spring 2014, Spring 2016)

ECE 515: Linear Systems (Fall 2015)


Papers and preprints


  • Geometric methods for optimal sensor design, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Jan 2016, Volume 472, Issue 21805,  pdf
  • Consensus with linear objective maps, Accepted for publication, Automatica,2016, X. Chen, M.-A. Belabbas and T. Başar. pdf
  • Controllability of formations over time-varying graphs, 2016, Accepted for Publication, IEEE Transactions on Control of Networked Systems, X. Chen, M.-A. Belabbas and T. Başar. pdf
  • Distributed Evaluation and Convergence of Self-Appraisals in Social Networks, Accepted for publication, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control , 2016,  X. Chen, J. Liu, M.-A. Belabbas, Z. Xu and T. Başar. pdf
  • Graph theory and the design of sparse distributed systems, Preprint,  A. Kirkoyan and  M.-A. Belabbas.    pdf  bibtex
  • Undirected Rigid Formations are Problematic, To appear in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,  S. Mou, A. S.  Morse, M.-A.  Belabbas,  Z. Sun and  B.D.O. Anderson. pdf
  • Sparse stable systems, in Systems and Control Letters 2013,  M.-A. Belabbas     pdf  bibtex
  • On global stability of planar formations, in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 2013, M.-A. Belabbas.    pdf  bibtex
  • On Landmark Selection and Sampling in High-Dimensional Data Analysis, in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 2009, M.-A. Belabbas, P. Wolfe   pdf  bibtex
  • Spectral methods in machine learning and new strategies for very large datasets, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009, M.-A. Belabbas, P. Wolfe.  pdf   bibtex
  • Networks of Hamiltonian Systems and Feedback (M.-A. Belabbas, Systems and Control Letters, 2009)    pdf  bibtex
  • Gradient flows on Kac-Moody algebras and the periodic Toda lattice (M.-A. Belabbas, Comm. in Information and Systems, R. Brockett’s special issue, 2008)    pdf   bibtex



  • Optimal sensor and actuator placement with sparsity constraints, preprint, 2016
  • On the structural controllability of sparse bilinear control systems, preprint, 2016 with B. Gharesifard.
  • Cluster Consensus over Strongly Connected Voltage Graphs, preprint, 2016, with X. Chen and  T. Başar
  • Directed Formation Control with Controllable Interaction Weights, in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015, X. Chen, M.-A Belabbas, T.Başar.
  • Consensus with Linear Objective Maps, in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015,  X. Chen, M.-A Belabbas, T. Başar.
  • Stability and Convergence Rate of Discrete-Time Altafini’s Model: A Graphical Approach, in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015, J. Liu, X. Chen, T.Başar, M.-A Belabbas
  • Formation Control with Triangulated Laman Graphs, in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2015, X. Chen, M.-A Belabbas, T.Başar.
  • Distributed local stabilization in formation control, in European Control Conference 2014, M. Lorenzen and  M.-A. Belabbas pdf bibtex
  • Undirected rigid formations are problematic, in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014, S. Mou, A.S. Morse, M.-A. Belabbas and BDO Anderson
  • Decentralized stabilization and planar graphs,  in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014, A. Kirkoyan and  M.-A. Belabbas
  • Algorithms for sparse stable systems, in  in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2013, M.-A. Belabbas    pdf  bibtex
  • Decentralized design with localized objective in formation control, in American  Control Conference, 2013, M.-A. Belabbas     pdf  bibtex    slides
  • Robustness issues with undirected formations,  in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2012,  M.-A. Belabbas, S. Mou, A.S. Morse and B.D.O. Anderson   pdf  bibtex
  • On global feedback stabilization in decentralized formation control,  in IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2012, M.-A. Belabbas.  pdf  bibtex
  • Factorizations and partial contractions of nonlinear systems,  in American Control Conference, 2012,  M.-A. Belabbas and  J.JS Slotine.    pdf  bibtex
  • Spectral clustering for multiclass Erdos-Renyi graphs (M.-A. Belabbas, Proceedings of IEEE ICASSP, 2010)     pdf  bibtex
  • On Sparse Representations of Linear Operators and the Approximation of Matrix Products (CISS 2008, M.-A. Belabbas, P. Wolfe)    pdf  bibtex
  • Input-output Hamiltonian systems and neural signal processing (CDC 2006, M.-A. Belabbas,  R. Brockett)    pdf  bibtex



Xudong Chen (Postdoctoral fellow)


Artur Kyrkorian (PhD Student)

James Schmidt (PhD Student)

Aristomenis Tsopelakos (PhD Student)


Xuandong Xu (SM student, graduated Spring 2015)

Yuan Yao (SM student, graduated Spring 2015)

Tao Yang (SM Student, graduated Spring 2015)