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Moodle Workshops

Are you new to Moodle, teaching online with Moodle, or just looking for a refresher? Our Moodle Workshops to help get you up to speed with Moodle. All Moodle instructors are welcome, whether teaching face-to-face, fully online, or anywhere in between! In addition to demonstrating features on the live site, we are happy to answer any individual questions during this time.

Moodle Workshop Descriptions

  • Moodle Basics

The facilitator will show a set of key features of Moodle including adding and sharing instructional content, communicating with students, and using the Gradebook. The facilitator will also provide an overview of the Assignment, Forum, and Quiz activities.

Check out our Basics presentation for an overview of Moodle! (note: You will have to log in with your credentials to access the presentation.)

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of the Moodle Quiz

The facilitator will provide an in-depth overview of the different uses of the Quiz activity, such as a regular quiz or an exam and as the framework for lectures, labs, flashcards, and peer evaluation. Participants will be shown the Quiz settings in detail and how to use the question bank to make their Moodle course sites even more organized.

  • Maximizing Feedback with Moodle’s Advanced Grading Options

The facilitator will showcase the different feedback options in Moodle’s Assignment, Forum, and Quiz activities for you to provide students with more information as they are being graded. The workshop will also cover the differences between simple direct grading, rubrics, and grading guides, which are the advanced grading options in the Assignment activity.

Moodle Gradebook Consultations

Please send an e-mail to schedule a gradebook consultation at

Zoom Workshops

  • Using Zoom to Teach

The facilitator will provide a hands-on demonstration of Zoom features that instructors can use when holding office hours, recording lectures, and teaching live sessions. Participants will learn about settings that can help keep their sessions secure and see a demo of how to use breakout rooms, polling, and student participation management tools.

  • Keeping your Zoom Meetings Safe & Secure

The facilitator will provide an overview of the following Zoom security features:

      • settings in the user’s account at
      • options when scheduling a meeting
      • the “Security” button during a meeting

Being well-versed in these features, as well as selecting the appropriate settings, is important as you prepare for and run your meetings or classes in Zoom. You will also learn how to manage participants by removing their ability to unmute themselves and by using functions such as “Mute all” and “Raise hand.”

Materials for current and past workshop offerings are available below. Click on the link and enter the following password: ilovemoodle

If you have any questions or are not able to attend these workshops, please contact for a consultation — we are always happy to provide individual training!