Spring 2016 Successful Pilots

Illinois Media Space Integration

Several courses are now making use of Illinois Media Space integration in their Learn@Illinois Moodle courses. This is a great way to host audio and video for use in your course and to track how those resources are being used.

Students can also access Illinois Media Space and add audio and video content via the Moodle text editor. This means that students can now easily add audio and video content to forum posts, essay questions in quizzes, workshop peer graders, and anywhere the Moodle text editor can be accessed.

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Turnitin Plugin

After a long process, we are finally able to offer quick and easy plagiarism detection in the Learn@Illinois Moodle installation without a subscription or extra step! Several large courses have used the plugin this semester with great success.

Turnitin eliminates the time-consuming process of verifying student authorship by presenting easy-to-use reports that show how much of a document is original, cited from other sources, or unoriginal. With Turnitin, educators can promote academic integrity in their classroom. Students learn the importance of original writing and attribution and foster critical thinking skills that are important to student success.

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