May 2016 Upgrade to Learn@Illinois

Upgrade to Moodle 3.0

On May 25, 2016 we will upgrade to Moodle version 3.0. If you would like advance access to this version for testing purposes, please email Below are the specifics of this release.

Enabling Moodle Mobile App


Supported features (Note: the current mobile version is 2.9)

We will also be enabling the Moodle Mobile App. This application can be downloaded to all major mobile devices. You can get the app any time, but connection to the Learn@Illinois Moodle site will begin May 25, 2016. If you would like advance access to this app for testing purposes, please email


  1. Many features, including most “resources” and grade book are fully functional in the current (2.9) version of the mobile app.
  2. Moodle HQ adds new features supported by the mobile device to each release. If the mobile app can’t do something, it forwards students automatically to the browser version.
  3. Students can receive notifications on their mobile device.
  4. Students can quickly check their grade more easily


  1. Many activities, are not yet available on the app including: Advanced forums, Attendance, Database, Feedback, Glossary, Group choice, Illinois Media Space, Journal, Lesson, OU blog, OU wiki, Questionnaire, Quiz, Turnitin, Wimba, and Workshop.
  2. Your chosen course format may not display. For instance, Tab Topics courses will not display tabs, they will look more or less like a topics format course.
  3. Your labels may not display as you meant them to display. Formatting can be removed and long labels may be abbreviated to include only headings.
  4. Links of any kind will open in the browser as opposed to the app. So, if your course relies heavily on autolinking, most things will default to opening in the app.
  5. This is a new product and we have limited control over the app. Customization and bug fixes will likely be handled through the app’s developer rather than our ATLAS team.

Please do report issues to Because we do not support the app locally, we may not be able to resolve these issues as effectively as with the website. However, we can help in terms of coming up with workarounds and assist in reporting issues to Moodle Headquarters.

New Theme

We are in the process of transitioning to a new, more standard theme. The benefits of using a new theme include less maintenance, fewer bugs, and more similarity to other installations. This means that our developers will have more time to focus on innovation and help documentation and videos from Moodle users outside of our university will be easier to follow.




April 2016 Advance access to the new theme begins. If you would like advance access to this theme for testing purposes, please email
May 25, 2016 The new theme will be available to all users at We will continue access to the current theme for Summer 2016 courses. Learn how to toggle current/past themes (this functionality will only be available for the Summer 2016 term).
Fall 2016 Access to the current theme will be discontinued. Fall 2016 courses will proceed with the new theme.

Please do not hesitate to report issues with the new theme at any time by emailing us at Screen captures and specific links help us find and resolve these issues.


Note: Use these examples to note the differences in attributes like color and style. Differences in content between images reflect user preferences of accounts screen captures were taken from rather than differences in capability between the two versions.

Current home screen:

Current home screen

New home screen:

new home page

Current course page:


New course page:

new course page