Change Log – 2016-2017

Starting in October 2016, we are now doing Moodle updates on a rolling basis, so that changes can be implemented as soon as they are completed. We will track changes on this page for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

(Looking for the 2017-2018 Academic Year? See: Change Log – 2017-2018)

August 23, 2017 – v3.2-ui12

  • Upgraded to weekly stable release of Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Added Moodle2Word plug-in upon request from users
  • Minor theme fixes
  • Switched from single-campus Shibboleth log-in to systemwide Shibboleth log-in

August 9, 2017 – v3.2-ui11

  • Upgraded to weekly stable release of Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Fixed a bug in UI Text Export to allow export of select grade items
  • Removed some extraneous blocks from the MyMoodle page and locked MyMoodle page

August 2, 2017 – v3.2-ui10

  • Upgraded to weekly stable release of Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Made language change in Course Request system

July 26, 2017 – v3.2-ui9

  • Upgraded to weekly stable release of Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Improved ability to use “Download All Submissions” button with Assignments using the UI Activity Grader to grade forum posts

July 19, 2017 – v3.2-ui8

  • Upgraded to weekly stable release of Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from moving courses back to the “MyHome” tab

July 12, 2017 – v3.2-ui7

  • Upgraded to core Moodle version 3.2.4
  • Updated Turnitin plug-in to most recent version
  • Updated language files for password reset requests (for “Moodle-Only Login” users)

July 5, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui6

  • Added confirmation window to MyMoodle “Make course available to students” option
  • Fixed bug where converted PDF for Forum posts would include “preview” before main text, sometimes cutting off the text
  • Updated OU Wiki plug-in to most recent version

June 28, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui5

  • Merged with weekly Moodle release to fix an issue with some course copies

June 21, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui4

  • Fixed display bugs for tables
  • Changed Navigation to stop showing extraneous information for course categories

June 14, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui3

  • Fixed display bugs in for buttons and tables
  • Fixed bug with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra plug-in

June 7, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui2

  • Fixed display bugs in Quiz Navigation and Section Summaries for TabTopics
  • Fixed other various bugs
  • Added a toggle for making hidden sites visible from the MyMoodle page

May 31, 2017 – v3.2.3-ui1

  • Upgraded to version Moodle 3.2 (from Moodle 3.0), bringing new features:
    • Assignment Grading interface with PDF annotation tool
    • Recycling Bin
    • New features for Moodle 3.2
    • New features for Moodle 3.1
    • Added Custom Certificate

May 24, 2017

  • Minor downtime
  • Upgraded caching server and made other infrastructure changes in preparation for the May 31 upgrade

April 19, 2017

  • Changed setting to automate guest log-in

March 15, 2017

  • Upgraded Turnitin plug-in to the newest version to correct a bug regarding notification e-mails

February 15, 2017

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra installed
  • Disabled older, no longer maintained theme
  • Changed users’ language selection to the updated “English (US)” pack rather than the older “English” pack
  • Uninstalled no longer maintained language packs that were rarely or never used

January 4, 2017

  • i-Card Photos Block released to all Teachers/Course Administrators
  • UI Group Viewer bug fix to make it functional
  • Upgraded to Moodle 3.0.7, bringing security fixes
  • Removed “ALL CAPS” styling from table headers
  • Added table padding/borders to generic tables in section summaries and quiz questions (so that they now look like generic tables in Labels)
  • UI Activity Grader settings improved so that it will do a better job linking upon course copy

December 7, 2016

  • Winter Courses added to UI Roster interface (administrative change)

November 15, 2016

  • Added a feature to allow instructors to see a student’s groups from their profile page
  • Quiz language changes to help make Quizzes a more generic assessment tool, removing the word “Quiz”
  • Horizontal line breaks made more visible
  • Several icons had contrast changes to make them more prominent

November 2, 2016

  • Turnitin Assignment notifications set to “Off” by default
  • UI Shift Dates tool upgraded to include Turnitin Assignments and UI Activity Grader fields
  • Bug fix – forum subscriptions can no longer be edited by Non-editing Teachers

October 25, 2016

  • Database change to help with stability
  • E-mails sent from Moodle now come from “Learn@Illinois Moodle” instead of “Do not reply to this email”
  • Several icons had contrast changes to make them more prominent

October 19, 2016

  • Fixed white-on-white headings in the User Report in the gradebook
  • Fixed small bug with Mass Actions block where it showed “Topic 1” instead of the assigned name for sections

October 12, 2016

  • i-Card Photos block installed and ready for pilot program in second eight weeks of Fall