August 2016 Upgrade to Learn@Illinois

Assignment Grading Interface Improvement

Thanks to a request from our instructors, we have improve the Assignment grading interface by making the student’s name and user picture available in multiple places, including near the Feedback fields. This allows instructors to easily personalize feedback and leads to less confusion on this page.

New Forum Setting

We have implemented a new setting for all Forums, called “Prevent students from viewing posts of others prior to making initial post.” In any forum, you can now select this option from the “Administration” -> “Edit settings” menu. This option replicates the settings in a Q&A Forum for any other forum type. Now, students will be unable to view posts from others until they have made their initial post and the editing period has expired. The editing period is currently set to 30 minutes. We expect that this setting will be used to encourage independent thinking and limit the ability of students to echo each other rather than posting their individual thoughts.

Minor Display and Bug Fixes

  • Improved appearance of buttons for Illinois Media Space
  • Fixed appearance inconsistencies in tables across Moodle
  • Changed section headers to “<h2>” tags instead of “<h3>”, improving accessibility and matching previous theme
  • Removed “Last modified:” line from Page modules
  • Improved appearance of “Turn Editing On” button across site
  • Fixed bug in “Quick Quiz Entry” in the Quiz module
  • Improved contrast of icons in Gradebook and Blocks
  • Improved Group settings, restoring a “Not in Any Group” option
  • Improved “My Moodle” page, allowing instructors to more easily make hidden course sites visible by clicking the “This Course is Currently Unavailable to Students” link
  • Removing “Submission Comments” from Assignments, encouraging instructors to use “Feedback Comments” instead
  • Improved appearance of UI Fast Grader in different window sizes