Any questions pertaining to the conference can be directed to Asceglc2014@gmail.com. Any questions asked will be answered here to maintain neutrality between teams.


Environmental Competition Clarifications

Q: What is the size and material of the tank that will be filled with water and oil?

A: The containers for the competition can be seen at this link.

The containers used in the competition will differ from the one shown in the link in that it will have a blue color to it, and therefore be less transparent.  The container has trapezoidal profile to it, in which the base has about 1″ less length, and width than the top.

Q:How high will the water be in the container?

A picture of the container with water in it can be seen at this link.

Q: The guidelines specify that we should bring our own container for oil recovery and it will be excluded from the size mandate. If our recovery process includes more than one container, can they all be excluded from the size requirement? 

A: In order to avoid teams using additional containers for the purpose of transferring liquid, we are limiting the number of containers being brought to just 1.  However, your one container may have dividers in it if you wish to store liquid in different states.  As a reminder, they will be judging all the liquid left in your container at the end of the competition.  If you choose to use dividers, you cannot request that only one section of the container be judged.

Further Clarification, beyond simply having dividers in the container, can we have containers attached within a larger container?  The container must be one structure with no moving parts, all of which must remain attached the entire time.  To put it simply, the container must only be used for purposes of containing the liquid, and should not have any built in mechanisms to aid in removal of the oil or water, or mechanisms for moving liquid.  A container with containers in it would be allowed if it adhered to these guidelines.

Q: If we move liquid into the recovery container, is it okay to then remove water from the recovery container and place it back into the original container that had the canola oil/water mixture?

Yes, you can move water from the recovery container back to the original container, this should be included in your presentation if done.

Q: Can we scoop the water without using a pump?


Q: Is there a size limitation on the number of participants during the actual competition? 

A:We are not putting a limitation on the number of participants, however there is size limitations within the room that the competition will be held.  We will have lab tables for each team, and each team could probably fit up to 6-8 people around the table.  You may have more than that but your members will have to stay within your team’s designated area.  After about 6 or 7 people it will likely be a tight squeeze.

Q: Will the oil be added by the individual teams or by the judges? And will it be mixed with the water immediately before the competition starts or will it have settled to the top by the time the competition starts? 

A:The oil will be added by the judges and will be mixed immediately before the competition starts.

Q: We are having trouble finding a box that matches the exact dimensions, can we modify a slightly larger box to match the volume of the dimensions?

A: This will be allowed.

Surveying Competition Clarifications

Q: For the relay portion it says to set up a total station, but what do you consider set up?  Do the legs have to be completely extended and then calibrated? 

A: For the relay, the equipment will be disassembled and put away before the timer starts. Once the timer starts, the first competitor will begin setup. That includes fully extending the legs, having it fine-leveled, and focuses on the point as if you are about to make a measurement. Once you reach that point, the timer will stop and a judge will make sure that the total station is level and centered over the point. If the judge thinks it is acceptable, the timer will continue and the competitor will have to disassemble it and return it to it’s original location.

Q: Are we going to be able to use an equation sheet or are we expected to know all of those.
A: As each team is permitted to use their own surveying textbooks, we will not provide equation sheets.
Q: For the total stations, we have a couple of them at our school and just wanting to know if we would be able to being the laser optical one we have.
A: The rules allow reflectorless total stations.  However, the rules prohibit robotic total stations.
Q: Also, for the leveling circuit, does it matter if we use a three wire level or single wire?
A: Teams may use their discretion in selecting single wire or three wire leveling.