Welcome to the Sentence-Focused Framework Website! 

Young children with language disorders have difficulty learning words and grammar.
We developed the sentence-focused framework to build a bridge between early vocabulary and grammar interventions for toddlers and preschoolers with language disorders. 

We created this website to support you–clinicians, parents, caregivers, and teachers–as you help young children produce more diverse sentences. The sentence-focused framework emphasizes the importance of diverse sentences in learning grammar. We know grammar is hard to teach because young children learn grammar without formal teaching by listening to others talk. We want clinicians to feel confident as they assess and treat grammar and we want to share tips with parents, caregivers, and teachers to support young children’s sentence development. Working together, we can enhance young children’s communication development. 

This website is a central location for sharing discoveries and clinical resources related to the sentence-focused framework. The website is  hosted by Dr. Pamela Hadley, Director of the Applied Psycholinguistics Lab (APL) at the University of Illinois. You can learn more about the APL here and about investigators contributing to this work by visiting the About Us pages on this website. 

Please subscribe below for alerts on new blog posts and other updates to the site. We also want to hear from you! We are interested in your use and adaptation of the sentence-focused framework and we also want to know when you need more information or better explanations. Thank you for your interest in the sentence-focused framework and your commitment to enhancing communication development for young children with language disorders.



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