Our Team

Project Manager 2021-2022

Nafiz Rahman – nrahma5@illinois.edu

Please reach out to if you are interested in joining!  It is never to late to join the best water-based engineering RSO on campus!

Sub Teams: Concrete Canoe has four sub-teams that work together to finish the product on time. All members can participate in as many of these sub teams as desired.  No experience is necessary to join any subteam!

Construction Team:  Construction team focuses on ways of safely and efficiently building the canoe as well as the stands for conference display.  The biggest task that construction team works on is building the canoe’s mold.   Various power tools and other equipment are used, but one does not need to be experienced to join construction.

Design Team:  Design Team uses various modeling software and methods to design the canoe. They must consider overall length, weight, and how hydrodynamic the canoe will be. Aside from this, they are also responsible for making the canoe aesthetically pleasing and work closely with construction team on the mold construction by using software such as DELFTship or Inventor.  Design team also works on creating structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing stands for display at conference.

Mix Team: This team focuses on perfecting the concrete mix and also performing material research on each iteration of the mix.  Various compression, tension, flexure tests are conducted to reduce the likelihood of failure.  Mix team analyzes the effects of reinforcing mesh and fibers to ensure the canoe has adequate overall strength.

Paddling Team: Paddling team focuses on training for the regional/national races. They have a fitness day where they go to the ARC or CRCE and do various exercises. They also have rowing days (weather permitting) where they work on technique and do team bonding.   Paddling team provides essential feedback after races about design and

Past Canoes & Captains

2020-2021 “Mis-Led III” – Ana Okinczyc & Caroline Kulach
2019-2020 “S.S. Kesler” – Theodore Mossman & Gabby Choo-Kang
2018-2019 “Apollo XIX” – Darren Liu & Michael Haynie
2017-2018 “Illini’s Revenge” – Karly Bast & Matthew Tuan
2016-2017 “ILL-17” – Max Orihuela & John Henry Visperas
2015-2016 “HAL-INI”- Luis Garay & John Henry Visperas
2014-2015 “G.Root” – Luis Garay, Jennifer Zablotny & Wenjing Li
2013-2014 “Arachnid” – Robert Butler & Alex Prasauskas
2012-2013 “Vincere: – Hong Kim & Min Yin
2011-2012 “Maverick” – Arielle Malinowski & Raphael Stern
2010-2011 “The Cementery” – David Nauheimer & Jacob Thede
2009-2010 “I of the Illini” – Ericka Rogers & Roman Vovchak
2008-2009 “Ugly Rubber Ducky” – Emma Israel & Ben Rasmussen
2007-2008 “Sustain-a-boat” – Will Kolbuk & Carrie Peterson
2006-2007 “Mis-Led II” – Carrie Peterson & Stefano Truschke
2005-2006 “Brigantine” – Stefano Truschke & Adam Wedoff
2004-2005 “Illiniwake”
2003-2004 “The Blues Boat”
2002-2003 “The Batboat”
2001-2002 “CON-crete”
2000-2001 “The Pharoh”
1999-2000 “Rumble in the Jungle”
1998-1999 “Corn-crete”
1997-1998 “Dreamweaver”
1996-1997 “Justice”
1995-1996 “Illini Silver Surfer”
1994-1995 “Flatland Flyer”
1993-1994 “Stock Rock”
1992-1993 “Illini Clipper”
1991-1992 “Momentus Cementus”
1990-1991 “Illini Clipper”
1970-1971 “Mis-Led”