Membership dues shall be $10 per academic year and count for the semester paid and the following semester. Dues cannot be paid retroactively.

  1. Dues shall be paid no later than September 15 to attend the American Society of Civil Engineers Convention.
  2. Dues shall be paid by October 31 and March 31 to be eligible to run for office and vote in elections at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively.
  3. Dues shall be paid by January 15 in order to participate in the Great Lakes Regional Student Conference.
  4. Exceptions to the deadlines shall only be waived by the President in extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.


Section 1: Officers

  1. The Board shall consist of the President, Vice President – Internal, Vice President – External, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, two (2) Events Co-Chairs, and two (2) Engineering Council Representatives, one (1) liaison from the Concrete Canoe Team and one (1) liaison from the Steel Bridge Team.
  2. When ASCE UIUC is selected to host conferences, such as the Great Lakes Regional Conference, National Concrete Canoe Competition, or the Steel Bridge National Competition, a Conference Chair shall be installed.

Section 2: Duties

  1. 1. President: Leads the Board in organizing events for ASCE UIUC. The President is the main point of contact between the chapter and the department, advisors, East Branch, and others wishing to make contact with ASCE UIUC.
  2. Vice President – Internal: Organizes professional development events held on campus, including but not limited to organizing and running the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) review sessions, arranging for speakers at general meetings, and arranging professor lunches.
  3. Vice President – External: Organizes professional development events held off campus. Examples include organizing ASCE UIUC’s participation in conferences and events with the local chapter. The External Vice President is also the point of contact between the ASCE UIUC executive board and the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams.
  4. Secretary: Manages weekly newsletter, takes minutes at meetings, and handles physical advertisements for ASCE UIUC events. The Secretary acts as historian for the group and holds important documents and information, including but not limited to the Constitution, Bylaws, concrete canoe reports, technical papers, and Chapter awards. The Secretary is in charge of managing the contact information and attendance record of the Members of ASCE UIUC. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure this information is passed down to the next Secretary. The Secretary is responsible for compiling the Annual Report.
  5. Treasurer: Oversees the accounts associated with ASCE UIUC. Handles reimbursements, seed money, and is point of contact between ASCE UIUC and the CEE business office.
  6. Webmaster: Manages ASCE UIUC’s Internet presence including social media accounts and the website. The Webmaster holds all of the pictures from past events.
  7. Events Co-Chair: Organizes social events for ASCE UIUC. Examples include happy hours and barbeques. Organizes service and community outreach events for ASCE UIUC to participate in. Examples include Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, and high school bridge bust competitions.
  8. Engineering Council (EC) Representative: Organizes ASCE UIUC’s participation in EOH. E-Week, and other events hosted by EC. The EC Rep attends monthly EC meetings and is the point of contact between ASCE UIUC and EC.
  9. Conference Chair: Organizes the Great Lakes Conference, National Concrete Canoe Competition, or Steel Bridge National Competition hosted at UIUC. The Conference Chair is the main point of contact between other ASCE student chapters and ASCE UIUC and plans the conference. In the event two (2) or more conferences are held at UIUC in the same year, the number of Chairs elected shall be the same as the number of conferences.
  10. Concrete Canoe/Steel Bridge Liaison: Gives updates to the rest of the Board about progress of the team they represent.

Section 3: Termination of Officers

  1. An Officer may be terminated by vote of the Board if the duties of the position are not being fulfilled in a professional manner.
  2. A warning email shall be given to the Officer by the President to notify that he/she is not performing duties and is eligible for termination.
  3. If the Officer does not make ample positive change after two weeks, the Board may remove the Officer by two-thirds vote. The Officer may approach the Board and address why he/she deserves to stay on the board before the vote takes place.

Section 4: Installation Timeline

  1. End of Fall semester elections shall be held for the following positions and held until the following end of Fall semester elections:
    1. President
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Events Co-Chair
    5. Engineering Council Representative
  2. End of Spring semester elections shall be held for the following positions and held until the following end of Spring semester elections:
    1. Vice President – Internal
    2. Vice President – External
    3. Webmaster
    4. Events Co-Chair
    5. Engineering Council Representative
  3. Duties are officially transferred at the conclusion of the transition meeting held on Reading Day of each semester.

Section 5: Elections and Eligibility

  1. Self-nominations for elections shall occur as early as two (2) weeks prior to the election date.
  2. Candidates must be members of ASCE UIUC and comply with Article 1 Section 3 of the Bylaws.
  3. The Board shall elect the President prior to the semester election.
  4. If a current Officer wishes to run for another position, he/she must submit a letter of resignation to the President effective at the end of the semester.
  5. Members must be present at the election to vote unless the election is done via letter ballot.
  6. In an uncontested race, a vote of no confidence shall be the second option in voting.
  7. In case of a vacancy, such as having no candidates for a position, the President may hold a letter ballot if nominations come in at a later date but before the beginning of the next semester.
  8. In the case of the Conference Chair, the candidate(s) must have attended a conference the position will plan.


  1. In the case where ASCE UIUC pays travel and registration cost for events, including but not limited to site tours and conferences, members have priority in signing up for and attending function(s). If a member is not attending the function(s) that they agreed to attend, they shall pay for the costs ASCE UIUC initially paid for.

Updated 06/28/2015