Last updated 31Jul2019

Mohammad Amanzadeh Photo

Mohammad Amanzadeh

Ph.D. Candidate, Informatics
Illinois Informatics Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As an Informatics Ph.D. student I utilize Computer Science to develop graphical interfaces that cooperate in solving problems of specific domains through machine learning and scientific visualization (CV).

My dissertation research is about constructing an application programming interface (API) to facilitate programming augmented reality (AR) applications that require human-computer interaction through the motion (Dissertation Proposal). The API will enable its AR apps to learn and recognize the human motions and the expressed mood of the motions, and it provides real-time update about the progression and the variation of the user input with respect to the recognized motion pattern.

The API can learn motions of the human body by animating two versions of a puppet, a teacher and a student, that mimics the structure and mobility of the human body. The puppet is a WebGL/JavaScript translation of the illiJoe by Sherwin Tam (1996), a realtime interactive computer animation (RTICA) created in Prof. George Francis’s Math198 Hypergraphics. The illiJoe RTICA implements Jim Blinn’s Blobbyman, a puppet that is animated using mechanical linkages.