Mohammad Amanzadeh My name is Mohammad Amanzadeh and I’m a PhD candidate in Informatics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My PhD research is being developed under the supervision of Prof. George K. Francis, where I work on designing an algorithm for learning oscillations and recognizing the expressed emotions of the human body movements through providing real-time update about the progression and variation of the user’s input. The interface aims to facilitate programming of the interactive computer applications that require real-time interaction with a user through marker-less motion capture, such as the games and interfaces for learning, rehabilitation, and performing arts.

PhD Research Portfolio
Motion Gate geometric interface for motion-based human-computer interaction
Learning Motion of the Articulated Structures by Imitation, Poster Presentation, Illinois Informatics Institute (October 2019)
Phase Space comparison of non-linear to linear pendulum (harmonic oscillator)
IlliJoe: Clockwork animation of an articulated structure and real-time control of the articulation using mouse and keyboard