CEE 545: Aerosol Sampling and Analyses (Spring):

Principles of sampling, chemical analysis, and data analysis for particles and gases in the field of air pollution. Instruments and techniques relevant to the design and use of systems for ambient air monitoring, industrial and aerosol laboratory experiments. The course also includes the field visits to many sampling sites established by the instructor around UIUC campus.

PHE 435: Public Health Engineering (Fall):

Public Health: history, science, politics and prevention; Basic principles of Epidemiology: types, methods and limitations. Basic principles of Toxicology, Infectious and Chronic Diseases, Social and Behavioral Factors in Public Health, Environmental Threats to Public Health – Waterborne pollution, Air Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Public health and Natural Disasters, Occupational Exposure, Risk Assessment and Management, Future of Public Health, Role of Engineering in Public Health

CEE 449: Environmental Engineering Lab (Spring)

This course is designed to give students hands on learning experiences with traditional tools and techniques in analysis, control, and design of natural and engineered environmental systems to quantify and mitigate exposure to pollutants in air, water, and soil. Students will design sampling plans for environmental monitoring individually and in teams, with special attention to water, air, and soil sampling, to inform engineering aspects of a design project.