Study Approval Request Form

Study Approval Request Form
Please submit the Study Approval Request Form at least one week in advance of the start of your study.
This is the title of the IRB that will cover the study you would like approved.
You may request approval before receiving IRB approval, however you may not add a new study in the Sona System until you have IRB approval.
(e.g., journal article, thesis or academic paper, conference presentation, sharing within industry or profession)
Power analysis is a statistical technique to determine the ideal sample size for a study given some parameters (study design, expected effect size). We encourage you to do this (or ask your advisors to help you) so that you request a reasonable number of participants.
Briefly explain why the number of participants you requested is appropriate for the study you are conducting.
If you reply YES, you will receive access to the lab calendar.
The IRB stipulates that the final day to participate for course credit this term is May 3, 2018.