RNN Models for Computationally‐Efficient Simulation of Circuit Aging Including Stochastic Effects

This project will develop a method for accurate and efficient simulation of circuit aging due to hot carrier injection (HCI) and bias temperature instability (BTI). For design-technology co-optimization (DTCO), the simulations must cover the range of use conditions, i.e., the “mission profile,” which includes the input vector, and both the deterministic and stochastic aspects of aging should be simulated. Each circuit block, i.e. library cell or IP block, will be represented by a limited-complexity black-box model, such as the RNN, that takes the circuit’s total operating time as one of its inputs. Ensuring the stability of each black-box model alone and when interconnected to other circuit models is a significant research challenge.

Project PIs:  Elyse Rosenbaum, Maxim Raginsky

Research Thrust: Modeling and Simulation; Reliability and Security

Research Timeline: January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020