Workshop Series


We will be offering a free series of workshops targeted toward managers, website developers, consultants, and other interested individuals. At these sessions, you will learn about the basics of accessibility, why it’s important, how to test your current site, and how to design accessible sites in the future. If you are a local business, County, or City entity in the Champaign-Urbana area and wish to learn more about digital accessibility, you are welcome to join our free hands-on training on accessible design! Most importantly, there will be free food!

Workshop Series Dates:

  1. Session 1 (Tuesday, October 8, 8-10 AM)
    • Introduction to accessibility and overview of the concepts.
    • Demonstrations of common accessibility pitfalls and mistakes.
    • Resources for session 1
  2. Session 2 (Tuesday, October 15, 8-10 AM)
    • Lecture/Discussion: in-depth exploration covering basic accessibility elements of the static web including headings, lists, images, form controls, and use of CSS.
    • Resources for session 2
  3. Session 3 (Tuesday, October 22, 8-10 AM)
    • Lecture/Discussion: In-depth exploration of the dynamic web covering ARIA Roles and Widgets and other advanced topics.
    • Resources for session 3

Workshop Series Location:

AITS Training Center
Usability Lab 1124
50 Gerty Drive
Champaign, IL 61820


Register for this free workshop series.
[Registration closed on Friday, October 4, 2013]

Please note: by registering for the workshop series, you are signing up for all 3 sessions. Directors/managers would be highly encouraged to attend the first session in order to witness first-hand the importance of website accessibility and usability.

You can also download the Accessible Community Invitation Letter and send it to your organization’s web developer(s) and manager(s)!